Prepare Adequately for Cosmetic Surgery

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People that feel their nose is too long or too wide or are embarrassed by a bump or crooked nose can suffer from low self-esteem. It is hard to camouflage a nose or to improve its appearance with cosmetics. Many people turn to rhinoplasty to get the nose they desire. Anyone interested in the procedure should spend the time to learn all they can about what to expect.

Understand the Limits

Cosmetic surgery has its limits, so always pay attention to the surgeon about what to expect. Research before and after images from numerous surgeries to see the range of results and read an article or two from past patients to learn more about their experiences. Even small changes can seem dramatic, so prepare for questions and comments from others about the difference.

Know the Reality

Preparation prior to the surgery is required. This includes taking vitamins to stay healthy, not smoking and avoiding aspirin. After surgery, there will be some discomfort, some bleeding and discharge and a lot of bruising. The nose will be swollen as it heals. In a few weeks, the swelling will be mostly gone, but it will not have its final shape for about a year. The first couple of days people must sleep with their head elevated and be cautious when sneezing. Avoid strenuous activity for a couple of weeks and breathing through the nose will be difficult for several weeks or longer. It may not be possible to wear eyeglasses or sunglasses for a few weeks after surgery because of the weight of the glasses on the bridge of the nose and because swelling could make them not fit properly.

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Choose Doctors Carefully

The success of the rhinoplasty results is often entirely controlled by the quality of the surgeon. A good surgeon communicates well with their patients, so they know exactly what to expect during every phase of the process. They show before and after shots of their own patients, offer digitally offered images to help people see what they will look like after their surgery and they provide reliable aftercare for a safe healing period.

Cosmetic surgery is not something people should rush into. Take time, do some research and be prepared for the recovery and the change. A patient that is educated in the procedure and understands the limitations will have a much more pleasant experience than someone that expects an overnight miracle. Visit to get started.

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